“Día de Muertos en Los Amigos” . Este día representa una mezcla de tradición, culto, fiesta, magia e historia en Los Tuxtlas y en especial en Los Amigos…


Taller de Cocina Internacional en “pescados y mariscos” ¡Del mar a tu paladar…!

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This summer, Los Amigos have the honor of invite you to enjoy being in contact with Nature

Dear Friends from… Los Amigos !

As always it is a privilege for us, inform them of the activities will take place in the near future in this place his beloved “Rancho Los Amigos.” This news section covers topics on: the inventory of biodiversity that inhabits the UMA Los Amigos; environmental training to Mexican Universities and Abroad; Reforestation program; Temazcal remodeling; Yoga courses; World Environment Day and again the course of veterinary medicine in reptiles. We are very much glad to join in these activities; We are happy to have them in Los Amigos..



Management Unit for the Conservation of Wildlife (UMA) Los Amigos, has joined the Naturalist project of the National Commission for the Knowledge and Use of Biodiversity (CONABIO), where we generate a list of the species recorded in Los Amigos by observations made by tourists, specialists and / or experienced amateurs in identifying wildlife. We invite you to come onto breathtaking world of biodiversity in Los Amigos with more than 97 species of wildlife, mainly birds, mammals and reptiles found their niche here, providing shelter, food, breeding and nesting and escape route from predators.

Thus, when you visit the Friends, you can personally identify species that live here, you can even add new species to be observed by you. Access to the list of species with their respective images is http://conabio.inaturalist.org/lists/115559-uma_los_amigoss-Life-List for which registration is required in the portal CONABIO.



Another objective of “Friends” is training in environmental education to students of different educational levels. This first half of 2014, Friends hosted students and trainer Forestry Career Engineer Zongolica Institute of Technology, Campus Tezonapa; Students of Master and Doctor of Science in Tropical Agroecosystems Postgraduate College, Campus Veracruz; Students of Veterinary Medicine at the Autonomous University of Chiapas; high school students from Colegio Mexico; and students of Biology, University of New Mexico, USA The training focused on the following topics:

1) Sustainable Ecotourism.
2) Indicators of tourism sustainability agroecosystems.
3) Identifying Mangrove wildlife.
4) Reforestation and forestry.
5) Sustainable management of interaction domestic livestock-wildlife.

Invitation is extended to the Friends for teachers and students in these and other Universities and Research Institutes to train come to have a broader picture of the ecological reality and sustainable management of natural resources in this area occurs as important biological value.


Reforestation program “LOS AMIGOS”

Each year, Los Amigos is fortunate to provide continuity and increase reforestation area, in order to reduce the impact of wind and water erosion, reduce ground pressure by ranching, and the establishment of biological corridors connect the fragments of native vegetation that is still in Los Amigos, native vegetation with that of neighboring properties, this in order to increase biodiversity in the region through appropriate habitat management.

We are pleased to inform you that in the near future we will have to open the program of reforestation, which has been considered to plant 1800 trees to reforest approximately 3 acres. Species considered in the program are native fruit trees, fodder and timber. This in order to conserve germplasm in the region and to take wildlife for food over fruit; there is also sufficient forage for both livestock and wild herbivores.

To inquire dates and mechanics of this program, please write to: informes@losamigos.com.mx To inquire dates and mechanics of this program, please write to: informes@losamigos.com.mx because there are plans to continue the reforestation volunteer groups, which only have to cover their costs of room and board.



The Temazcal is a steam bath with aromatherapy, which has a broad spiritual and cultural significance.

We inform you that the Friends currently has Temazcal in which steam is made with medicinal and aromatic plants; our “Chaman” is who performs the ritual of healing and spirituality. A few steps from the Temazcal, it has the Planetarium for stargazing.

Feedback to informes@losamigos.com.mx to arrange this awesome experience physical-spiritual healing (For groups larger than 10 people).



When you get to feel the imposing Los Amigos energy released exuberantly vegetation around them, giving tone to balance your body-mind-spirit through the practice of Yoga, which are offered this summer:


a) Mindfulness Retreat (mindfulness) in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh taught by the teacher Lorraine Keller’s Order of Interbeing, Mexico, on 25, 26 and 27 June.
b) Meditation for beginners and families, taught by the teacher Valentina Vega (dates to be confirmed).

Yoga courses were held surrounded the Forest Friends and the Beach Bar Sontecomapan, just steps from Los Amigos. For information on reservations, dates and costs, email us at:informes@losamigos.com.mx


Although Los Amigos is celebrated daily for the environment, this June 5, 2014, World Environment Day promulgated by the World Organization of the United Nations, we want to celebrate with you all.

For this, we have invited our neighbors: the children of the community of La Barra Sontecomapan, to come to know the activities that Los Amigos perform pro environment. Our intention is to motivate these children to replicate these activities make your community is clean and is a tourist attraction in the area.

For this, we have invited our neighbors: the children of the community of La Barra Sontecomapan, to come to know the activities that Los Amigos perform pro environment. Our intention is to motivate these children to replicate these activities make your community is clean and is a tourist attraction in the area.

Also, you can “sponsor” a child of the community of La Barra, for a first time attending Los Amigos to plant a tree and then eventually come to do management tasks.


Feedback to informes@losamigos.com.mx

We dear you to enjoy an unforgatable Summer in LOS AMIGOS.

Enjoy this Easter in the company of your friends in “Los Amigos”


Dear Friend of … LOS AMIGOS !:

The Easter meets a curious anachronism cause is governed by the moon. Is the first friday after the first full moon, after the vernal equinox, is the first friday of March.

LOS AMIGOS invites you to spend this Easter, from 7 to 21 April 2014 enjoying severall activities in contact with nature ecosystems of great ecological importance as the Tropical Forest, Mangrove and the Estuary of Santecomapan Lagoon, this ecosystems are avialable in Los Amigos, to give you the opportunity and the privilege to get in touch with mother nature. LOS AMIGOS have planned severall sets of amenities and activities to contribute in:


For this 2014 Easter, LOS AMIGOS have the following set of activities for your ejoyment:


We dear you to enjoy an unforgatable Easter in LOS AMIGOS.

Rancho Los Amigos, receives recognition SEMARNAT, how Management Unit for the Conservation of Wildlife (UMA ) .

PicMonkey Collage

Dear friends from … Los Amigos !

We are pleased to announce that in November 2013, the Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT ) granted registration and recognition of Rancho Los Amigos as a Management Unit for the Conservation of Wildlife (UMA) with registry key : SEMARNAT-UMA-EX-0248-VER/13. This award is given mainly to farms that are committed to the care and conservation of wildlife, through the authorization of a management program, grounded in reforestation, habitat improvement, conservation of flora and generation of native wildlife and environmental services.

The UMA Los Amigos poses the following:

Habitat Improvement Actions

To establish biological corridors to connect between fragments of native vegetation through reforestation with ” vegetation islands ” using trees and shrubs and native fruit, in order to improve habitat conditions for white-tailed deer, howler monkey, agouti, armadillo, green iguana, agouti and casquito turtle.

Research Actions – population studies

Estimate population attributes of white-tailed deer, howler monkeys, agouti, armadillo, iguana and casquito green turtle, which are the basis for development and comprehensive study of the ecosystem of the UMA Los Amigos.

Conservation Actions

Establish actions for absolute mangrove conservation and native forest and biodiversity that these ecosystems are home.

Conservation actions are focused on the following species:

  • - Veraecrucis Odocoileus virginianus (white-tailed deer)
  • - Allouatta palliatta (howler monkey)
  • - Dasypus novemcinctus (armadillo or toche)
  • - Iguana iguana (Iguana iguana or green)
  • - Cuniculus paca (paca gopher or pint)
  • - Kinosternon sp. (casquito pochitoque or turtle)
  • - Rhizophora mangle (red mangrove)

These species are at some level of risk of extinction in the NOM- ECOL- 059-2010 and is therefore justifiable to implement actions for development.

Objective : Ecotourism

Perform ecotourism activities, with minimal impact on the environment and biodiversity, maintaining resources today to meet the needs of future generations.

Historical Background:

Rancho Los Amigos Los Amigos UMA now and historically has been conducting conservation of natural resources and has made ​​great efforts to restore degraded by livestock areas and wind erosion, and integrate the community in conservation.

To date, they have introduced more than 50 thousand indigenous fruit and timber trees of the region and a few exotic , however, has taken great care in the latter, to prevent massive spread and competition with native trees.

This has led to the return of wildlife species, found in the UMA Los Amigos, a refuge where they have food, cover, escape routes from predators, breeding, nesting areas and areas suitable microclimates for development, all in harmony with tourists and residents Rancho Los Amigos.

Moreover, usually courses on environmental issues and environmental education workshops for community schools  in Barra de Sontecomapan and other regions of Mexico, with the intention of creating environmental awareness for the conservation of biodiversity and its environment are made, globally.

Despite these few but significant progress, much remains to be done. That is why we invite you to have an experience of ecotourism in the UMA Los Amigos, which was made considering a biodiversity – tourism interaction. Coming to Rancho Los Amigos is directly supporting the conservation of biodiversity and in particular of the six species of animals that are at risk of extinction (some greater or lesser degree) that inhabit the land. In this sense, his visit to Los Amigos supports the continuation of management actions on wildlife.

We are waiting for you to live a new experience in the new UMA Los Amigos.

Deseándoles siempre lo mejor, vamos por más árboles y menos violencia en este 2014



Estimados amigos, para  “Los Amigos “es un honor  saludarlos a través de este medio, deseándoles en estas  fechas decembrinas todo un racimo de buenos deseos y felicidad en compañía de todos los suyos.


La navidad es como la vemos y como la creamos con los deseos queridos y tradiciones de nuestra cultura, por eso  la Navidad es la ternura del pasado, el valor del presente y la esperanza del futuro es el deseo más sincero, de que en cada hogar se rebose con bendiciones buenas y eternas, buscando siempre un camino que nos lleve a la felicidad; por eso aunque se pierdan otras cosas al paso del tiempo, es necesario mantener la navidad como algo bello que nos remita a los años de infancia de fe y alegría.


Para los buenos recuerdos gratitud, para los malos mucha esperanza, para cada día una ilusión y siempre buscando la felicidad, son los deseos que les envíanos a ustedes y toda su familia.



October sky

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Transition to Sustainability

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Mexican Night @ Los Amigos

We invite you to celebrate a Fiesta Mexicana with us this Sunday september 15th.

Special menu!

More information please email us:


Yoga Retreat @ Los Amigos

We invite you to enjoy this brief yoga reatreat that will take place from friday 19th to sunday 21st
We will explore yoga philosophy, asana alignment, pranayama and meditation
The retreat will be given in spanish